Christmas – How To Make a Traditional Door Wreath

Christmas Wreath Making
Traditional fresh foliage wreath construction, decorated with scented materials, mixed fresh and dried fruits, cinnamon sticks, baubles and pine cones.

Materials used; Berried Ivy, Blue spruce, Pine, Sphagnum moss

Decorations used; Natural pine cones, Cinnamon sticks, Dried orange slices, Baubles, Hessian ribbon bow

Tools used; 12” wire wreath ring, Florist binding wire, Scissors, Florist stub wires, Stem tex.


How To Make a Fresh Christmas Wreath – DIY | Carly Musleh

This video will show you how to make a fresh Christmas wreath at home. I am sure you will get tons of compliments from people visiting you if you make it and hang it on your own front door. It is such a beautiful wreath and because you use fresh, natural decorations, it will impress even more!



Wreath ring
Stub wires
Orange slices (dried)
Cinnamon sticks
Pine cones – natural /silver
Bog moss
Berried ivy
Stem Tex


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How to Make a Christmas Wreath from a Wire Hanger

Here is a smart idea on how you can use an old wire hanger as a base to make this lovely Christmas wreath. So this is how to Make a Christmas Wreath:


The owner of the vidoe also gives the instructions for making this Christmas wreath:


Wire coat hanger ( bend out round, if you want a smaller wreath bend a part double)
Newspaper ( folded double over the length,, about 5 cm wide. For a thick wreath just use more paper)
Plastic tape ( could be garbage bag cut up in strips, preferably dark color)
Rope/ wire or tape to fix the garbage bag strip.

Cut all greens about the same length, 5 to 7 cm.

Hold the greens with one hand to the wreath, covering the tops of the green with your hand, wind the rope around the end of the greens the stems, do this tightly.( as the greens dry they will get thinner, so if you don’t do this tightly the greens might fall out later )

How to Make a Christmas Wreath from a Wire Hanger

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DIY Christmas decorations: How to make a Christmas wreath – DIY Christmas wreath tutorial

Here you will be shown how to make an absolutely adorable Christmas Wreath if you ask me! Simple and easy if you follow the instructions in this video!


Great ideas for DIY Christmas decorations from Three Snails Handmade project.

You can also decorate your home with amazing handmade rustic Christmas wreath created by your hands! The idea of pine cone Christmas wreath and fir branches wreath are greatly combined into exclusive design Christmas wreath DIY tutorial.
Such wreath serves best as Christmas door wreath and table central piece Christmas decoration too. Just place it at the front door and welcome your guests in the most exclusive and warm way. Decorate your dinner table with such beauty putting some lights and candles inside the circle. Tiny red berries, natural materials as pine cones and tree branches together with true Christmas symbols as dried oranges and cinnamon preserve the holy atmosphere during all winter holidays.

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How to make a Christmas Wreath – Christmas Bauble Ornament Decoration

There are many ways of creating your own Christmas wreath. You can use all kinds of decorations that gives a feel of Christmas. Here you will learn to make wreath – a Christmas baubles ornament decoration wreath!

Sometimes you do not have time to make your own wreath and  if that is the case for you, you might need to buy one.

Here you can find beautiful Christmas Ball Wreaths